A Parent’s Perspective: Alexis, mother of two

What was your first thought when you heard there was a salon that dealt exclusively in lice removal?

My first thought was Holy S*&%, there are professionals who do that now? The world needs that? And the world can afford that? Wow, the world has changed. We now have a whole new service industry. But then I was like, Oh my Gosh we need it. I mean, the lice have improved. The home kits are only 45% effective because the lice have built up a tolerance to it. It’s turbo lice we have now. They’re Terminator lice!

You obviously got over the disbelief in professionals?

A friend of mine in California had gotten it in her family, and she had used professionals. So, hearing her story, I had already broken down my barrier that there should be a professional. My friend had said, “seriously, you throw money at the problem.” The stress is removed when you put it in the hands of someone else.

What was your experience with MadCaps Salon?

Jessica called and said, “Don’t worry, it’s all going to be okay.” She went to that emotional place. So I immediately felt like I was in good hands. The emotional place they go to is worth even more than the service. They meet Moms with calmness and a solution. By the time a mom calls them she is panicking. So it’s like talking them off the ledge. And they seem to do that well.

So, that was my impression before I even got there. Then, being there was wonderful. Clearly they’re aware that there’s a stigma. The whole iPad, snack, lounge thing makes it like a salon and those signals are so great. I was impressed with the whole thing.

Did you learn anything about lice while you were there?

Oh my God, I came out of there so well educated. They’re definitely lice removal advocates. When I learned the etymology of lice, like the nits can’t live off your head for more than 24 hours, I went from OMG they’re winning to Oh, this is lice Zen. I didn’t feel like I was at the mercy of the lice.

So, did the experience change your perception of lice in general?

Yes, now I wouldn’t be ashamed if a friend comes over because I know it’s not going to jump from head to head. When my girls had it, before I came in to MadCaps, I didn’t go to a soccer thing because I thought it was that contagious. Which killed me. Schools make it seem so drastic. The owners of MadCaps, they’re really myth busters. They’re empowering people in the fight against lice. That’s why it’s so incredibly valuable.