Top 10 Things Men Say About Lice

Or, the 10 stages of denial, usually reserved for Dads.

1. I can’t have it, I don’t have any hair.

2. I don’t see anything.

3. Honey, have we ever had lice?

4. That’s her deal.

5. Isn’t there a pill for that?

6. Why does this have to be such a big deal?

7. Why can’t you just shave their head?

8. Can’t you just wash their hair really well?

(and about us specifically…)

9. You’d pay someone to do this?

10. Can I get lice just walking in there?


Top 10 Answers:

1. Lice cling to the follicle, so short hair can attract them, too.

2. Look harder.

3. Uh, yeah, four times.

4. Thanks.

5. No. Is there a pill for you?

6. Sigh.

7. Heavy Sigh.

8. As if we usually just sorta kinda wash it?

9. In a NY minute!

10. Only if you walk in and rub your head against someone who hasn’t been treated yet. In other words…No.