About MadCaps

MadCaps is a full service, all-natural lice removal salon. We offer a safe, friendly and effective way to remove lice.

Austin Lice Salon - MadCaps.  Owners Jessica Knight and Karen GreenbergMadCaps was created by two women, mothers, and friends, Karen Greenberg and Jessica Knight. Both women became interested when their own families and friends were affected. They started reading and doing research on the parasite’s recent resistance to traditional treatments and the sudden upsurge of lice in our schools and communities. After considering the many outstandingly toxic treatment options available they decided there must be a better answer. They found that there are many natural, effective and responsible alternative treatments. MadCaps is a result of those efforts! Karen Greenberg is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Jessica Knight is a former project manager and certified lice removal technician trained in the Shepherd Method of lice removal.

At MadCaps we are devoted to the idea of making the lice removal process as educational, effective, safe, un-stigmatizing, stress free, and even fun, as possible! Call us for a free school presentation to your PTA, parent or student body. We are expert presenters and enjoy educating people on prevention.

About Our Salon

Madcaps Salon is a safe, clean, welcoming haven for families being treated or examined for lice. Our salon takes into consideration the difficulty of the situation by providing:

  • Conveniently located in a central Austin medical complexAustin Lice Removal - interior of MadCaps Salon
  • Comfortable separate “treated” and “untreated” waiting areas
  • A safe, friendly, non-toxic environment
  • Kid-friendly, experienced staff
  • Games and activities for all ages
  • Movies
  • Wii video games
  • Handheld gaming and video devices
  • Activities for all ages
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Work and homework spaces for busy parents and kids
  • Anonymity for our clients with off-street parking
  • Free WiFi
  • A private treatment room available at an additional fee

Madcaps Salon: The Right Place for Lice Treatment in Austin.


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