After Lice Treatment

After your lice removal treatment plan to do the following:

  1. A thorough combing with your MadCaps Lice comb every other day after a shower and head washing with lice prevention or treatment shampoos and conditioners. Comb using conditioners or detanglers if it is hard to get through hair. Plan to wipe, wash off or fan comb after every few passes.
  2. Brush, braid, or keep hair pulled back daily with brushes that have been boiled or sealed in plastic bags for at least two days to keep bugs from spreading to others.
  3. Change sheets on beds and PJs after each combing.
  4. Be sure all household residents are checked for head lice.
  5. Absolutely come to your follow up appointments (it’s included in your treatment cost!!!) to ensure that you are all clear.

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