Lice Myths

Myth?– Lice live on dirty heads or come from dirty, neglectful  households.

False – Lice do not discriminate, but do prefer, and move easier on cleaner heads.

Myth? – Lice can jump from head to head.
False – Lice can only crawl.

Myth? – You will know you have lice if you itch.
False – Only 50% of people itch when infested with head lice.

Myth? – Lice have become resistant to most treatments.
True – Head lice are evolving quickly and have become resistant to most products that are available for use over the counter today. Some studies have shown said that most popular products are now no more that 45-55% effective. Combing out eggs is essential to ridding infestations.

Myth? – Lice are harder to see on different hair types.
False – Lice change their color to match the hair color.

Myth? – Lice can be transferred to and from your pets.
False – Head lice live only on humans.

Myth? – Lice can live on sheets, floors, earbuds, etc.
True/False – Lice die in 24 hours –period! Lice do not move or climb well off the head because of their claws. Lice are severly handicapped after only 12 hours without feeding. 95% of all lice transfers are a result of head to head contact. Only a small percentage of lice transfers come from off the head lice.

Myth? – Lice can be treated using mayonnaise, olive oil, Cetaphil, detergent, and/or Listerine.
True/False –  But some of these can be dangerous and none kill eggs. Never use flea shampoo or gasoline!

Myth? – Lice can infest a home or room.
– People can be infested by lice -not homes and schools. Lice and their eggs cannot live off the human host.

Myth? – Only finding one louse or nit means you don’t have lice.
False – No eggs = no lice, no lice = no eggs. Eggs were laid by someone. Once fertilized, a female can lay eggs for life.


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