Our Mission : Our Guarantee

Our Mission : Open Communication

Our mission at MadCaps is to eradicate the stigma associated with lice and to educate the public about this parasite, it’s treament, eradication, and prevention. We feel strongly that an environment of open communication and education can help us all to heal from, and move forward from, a lice outbreak. Our shop is an open and clean environment designed to promote good communication and education. We encourage our clients to stop the cycle of lice spreading by speaking with those whom you’ve been in contact with recently. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to tell friends and classmates, but open communication shows you care enough to stop it’s spreading.

We also believe in being fair and keeping our clients information and identity to ourselves. Our shop is located in a central Austin medical complex with a large, private, shared parking area. While we believe in our clients being considerate with their communication about their outbreak with others, we also appreciate the difficulty of the situation.

MadCaps never shares our client’s private information with sales people, other clients or spam sites. MadCaps welcomes your feedback on our services and strives to make everyones experience with us as enjoyable and effective as possible. Please communicate with us directly if you have concerns or issues with any aspect of your salon experience.

Our Guarantee

MadCaps guarantees that so long as all * household members are checked and treated by MadCaps at the same time, and all follow-up cleaning and procedures are expressly followed, that we will re-treat any patient –once, free of charge, for up to 6 weeks after a follow-up treatment.

*If there are two households per family, both households must be seen at the time of treatment for this policy to apply.

*Nannies and regular babysitters are considered to be part of a “household”.





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