Lice Removal (Treatment) Services Compared

As moms get busier and busier we find that there are some things that just beg for outsourcing.  Lice removal is one of them!  Contrary to popular thought, just because we have ovaries does not mean we have nit picking skills.  The dreaded realization that one of our children has lice can bring a sane competent mom to her knees. Thankfully there are options beyond the usual over the counter pesticide shampoo, crying child, combing endlessly  scenario.

Most major U.S. cities have several lice removal services to choose from.  Mobile lice removal services will come to your home and treat family members in your own environment.  This has some benefits if you want absolute discretion and there is adequate space, lighting and distraction for kids in your home.  Make sure the company you are hiring is bonded,  includes a recheck in the pricing structure and offers a guarantee.

Another option in lice removal services is the lice salon. Lice salons offer lice removal treatment in a salon like setting and are usually equipped to work on more than one family member at a time. When looking for a lice salon, make sure the salon has been certified  in the Shepherd Method of lice removal.  This certification ensures intense training and hands on experience of the lice service technicians.  Pay close attention to the pricing structure. Beware of hidden costs. The industry standard is for salons to provide a one week recheck and guarantee of treatment to be included in the original price.

Lice removal is a week long process no matter which method you use for treatment.  Be skeptical of any business that proclaims your family “lice free” without performing a recheck. While most of the lice infestation should be eradicated after the salon or mobile treatment, it is reasonable to for parents to be expected to quickly comb through family members’ hair a couple of times before the one week recheck.  If extensive combing or frequent treatments are required  of the family by the lice removal service, they may not be doing their job properly.

We at MadCaps provide a salon based lice removal service in Austin, Texas.  We are certified in the Shepherd Method of lice removal and co-owned by a nurse practitioner. We offer a simple fee schedule, a one week recheck and a six week guarantee as long as all household members have checked for lice.  Our lice treatments are nontoxic and environmentally safe. We have a bright, clean cheerful environment to make kids and parents as comfortable as possible.  Each child has an ipad for gaming or movie watching during treatment. Unlimited free snacks are available. Work space and free wifi is available for parents.  We offer sound research based education on lice removal,  treatment of the home and lice prevention in the future.

Moms no longer have to suffer through the time, money and frustration of lice removal on their own. Options are available to outsource this pesky problem!  Be an educated consumer and let someone else do the dirty work for you!