$1,755 : The Cost of DIY Lice Treatment.

Treating Lice, A Pricey Proposition

The Right Place for Lice Treatment - Madcaps SalonConsider that the average person can spend up to 3-6 months treating lice before they resolve the situation. The price of lice treatment can add up.  The long list of costs might include multiple toxic treatments, homemade remedies, cheap combs, doctor visits, prescription treatments, lost work hours, private school hours missed, etc.. Nothing brings a mom and her family to its knees as quickly or as surprisingly as an ineffective treatment for lice. Consider the lost hours and resources in laundry, bedding, brushes, clothes, and hats that many families endure trying to get lice out of their place. The worst losses are the immeasurable ones, but Madcaps Salon is the right place for lice treatment.

Studies have shown that lice have become resistant to most over the counter treatments. Still, most families prefer to try “Do It Yourself” remedies before coming to MadCaps. We encourage parents not to place poisons or pesticides on children’s heads, especially not when we can help with an all-natural, more effective solution. The price of relief with MadCaps can be money far better spent.

Madcaps Salon: The Right Place for Lice Treatment in Austin.

Do It Yourself Lice Treatments

It’s said that the average family tries 5-7 treatments in the course of one head lice infestation. If the average person suffers in place for 3-6 months, let’s do the math:

  • Rid Kit: $45.00
  • Nix Family Kit: $25.00
  • Internet lice treatment products, gadgets, homemade remedies, combs and prevention sprays: $150.00
  • Replacement hair brushes, combs, hair accessories, caps and clothes: $75.00+
  • Missed work (3 days on average based on $60,000 salary): $500.00
  • Missed private school (3 days on average based on $10,000 tuition): $160.00
  • Missed after-school activities: $100.00
  • Water and Electricity costs for extra laundry and cleaning: $200.00
  • Doctor visits for diagnosis and guidance: $250.00
  • Prescription Lice Treatments: $250.00

Total Cost: $1755.00

That’s right, ineffective lice treatment can be ineffective.

Immeasurable Costs

  • Places stress and anxiety of all family members
  • Places stress on friendships
  • Places stress on marriage
  • The itch and discomfort of those infected
  • Lack of sleep of those infected
  • Countless hours combing
  • Countless hours cleaning
  • Missed school lessons
  • Missed after-school activities
  • Missed birthday parties and sleep overs
  • Missed work
  • And perhaps, most importantly, the long term effects of toxic, prescription-strength, lice treatments!

Why Madcaps Salon is the right place for lice treatment:

  • MadCaps is owned and operated by a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Your treatment may be covered by your FSA or HSA account.
  • Many treatments by a certified lice removal professional are covered by insurance. Call your provider to determine coverage.

Don’t place all kinds of things that don’t work in your kid’s hair. When you come to Madcaps Salon, you come to the right place. With free wifi, iPads, video games, and snacks, it’s a wonderful place to be treated for lice.


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